Inversion Method- 1inch of hair growth in 7days!!!

As part of the ths winter challenge I will be doing the inversion method this month! I figured it’s always good to keep things interesting and so why not try something new J well not entirely new as I have tried the inversion method on one or two occasions but never committed to doing it completely… now as I get closer to my hair length goal I will do anything if it means a few more inches!!

So What Is The Inversion Method?

It is basically oiling your scalp, giving yourself a scalp massage for a few minutes and then turning your head upside down for 4 minutes. You do this every day for 7days only in a month and no more…the results……


It sounds quite farfetched right? But at te same time so darn exciting if it works (inside scream) So that is why I am doing it; to see if it will work for my hair.


What’s the logic and how does it work?

Well the idea is centered on stimulation of blood flow to the scalp to promote hair growth. When we do scalp massages and bend our heads over this causes the blood to rush over to the scalp with all its wonderful nutrients. This ‘shock treatment’ process makes your body think there’s an abundance of nutrients and so it immediately will encourage fast hair growth. Do this for only 7days as you don’t want your body to smell a rat and get used to the process then slow down the growth again.

inversion method

Things to note

  • You will get a bit woozy after doing this so always take precaution. Blood rushes to the head aren’t so great for some so if you feel it’s not for you or it’s giving you a headache and making you dizzy PLEASE don’t continue. There are many other methods of hair growth J
  • There are different ways to invert so be creative. Take pics to make it fun, I will for sure.
  • Do a length check on a small area of hair at the beginning of the month and do another at the end. Compare those results.
  • Be open to all results

Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting pics of my inversion journey…so keep a look out on the fb page, twitter and Instagram  I’m excited! Oh and looks like the Egyptians did inversion too!!




3 thoughts on “Inversion Method- 1inch of hair growth in 7days!!!

  1. Hey, where can I find your updates for this method?. I almost killed myself doing a headstand on day 1 but we are all good now. I’m on day 3 and it actually seems to be working except I forgot to take a pic before and so now I’m kicking myself! Oh well – next time. Xxx

    • Hi Chen I will be posting them on instagram (@kundayim) and the fb page once I am done 🙂 I have done hand stands, toe touching and off the side of my bed lol…

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