tHs GIVEAWAY – 20000 Views!

tHs GIVEAWAY - 20000 Views!

Hi Ladies

We are almost at 20000 views! A huge milestone for tHs so I’m in the mood for giving to thank you for the support 😀

Here’s what we will do to stand a chance to win the giveaway:
~Take a screen shot of the blog stats on the page once it hits 20000 views.
~Email, whatsapp, facebook, tweet or instagram the screen shot to me, hashtag #ths20000views (IG- @kundayim; twitter:@shumbaess
~Entries are valid for 48hrs after reaching 20000 views
~Lucky winner be selected at random and will received a **FREE** bottle of 4oz JBCO!!

*Unfortunately I don’t ship internationally as yet so this will be for my local ladies… the pool has shrunk so chance of winning are higher….


2 thoughts on “tHs GIVEAWAY – 20000 Views!

    • thanks Bee! I hope I’m not too late for the Sunshine blogger award 🙂 maybe this post will revive it if everyone’s already done it!lol time to figure it out and start posting.

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