tHs Winter Challenge CLOSE

Hi Ladies,
I can’t believe it has been 3 months already and the winter challenge is finally over!! I don’t know about you but I definitely had a good winter. Not only did I take care of my hair but I actually was waking up and going to the gym on these cold winter days! I am quite proud of myself  (p.s regular exercise is great for our hair)
Now before I start to ramble on and on let me get to the post of this post … I need to officially announce the END OF THE 2014 THS WINTER CHALLENGE!!! (Woohoo) and of course explain to you what is next in terms of the competition which is the exciting part right? lol… Many of you might remember from the first post about the challenge but if not here’s what we have to do…

1) Take a length check pic of your hair and all the focus areas that you were working on this winter
2) Post your final pics on the facebook page, send a fb message, twitter or Instagram or send them via email to me by 7th August 2014 with the hashtags #thswinterchallenge #finalpic
3) Wait for the results to be announced to see if you have WON one of the 3 prizes 😀

I’m excited ladies and I really hope you all manage to submit your pics and share your progress with each other through posts and comments on the blog and facebook page.
Oh and in case you may have forgotten here are the possible prizes up for grabs:
• Jamaican Black Castor Oil/ Strong Roots Pimento Oil
• Tropic Isle Deep Conditioner
• Free tHs hair consultation

**Now before I go I have big announcement about MY hair… as you all know I was doing a long term stretch/ transition and I was going to decide what I would do with my hair after a full one year stretch i.e whether to continue with my texlaxed journey or to start a full transition to natural …. Well decision made! I AM GOING NATURAL!!! I am excited and nervous all at once but looking forward to the journey. I will NOT be doing the big chop so I have a tough road ahead managing three textures on my head! I will also not transition only to relax again after 2 month lol. Wish me luck and look out for my posts and pics of my transitioning journey on the blog 😀



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