Yes you read right ladies TRANSITIONING SERIES. Now that the decision has finally been made and I am officially transitioning “back” to natural. I can add something new to the blog!!
Oh and I say “back to natural” because I have been down this road before and for those of you that haven’t read telling my hairstory here’s a quick summary:

2008-2010 I long term transitioned using mostly braids
2010 I big chopped !!!! (I was neck length)
1 month into my natural hair journey I relaxed again -EPIC FAIL.  Mainly because I thought I was ready for natural hair but I was not and neither was my scalp !!
From 2010-2012 I embraced my relaxed hair journey
2013- 2014 I started my texlaxed journey and my long term stretch
August 2014- I have committed to my long term transition and I AM READY!!! My scalp is too!!

Motivation in my decision:
Along the way I have convinced both of my sisters to start hair journeys and they are both natural now. One transitioned for 1 year and big chopped the other (surprisingly so) just big chopped one day and stunned us all! So here I am officially joining them. FAMILY HAIR JOURNEY!

So the transitioning series like feedback Friday will just be me specifically sharing my experiences during my transition. Hair tips, hair facts, highs & lows, successes & failures etc etc. As always I will be very honest about everything so as to not paint a picture that this hair journey stuff is all roses. We all know it it’s not but we know it’s worth it. I hope I will motivate some of you to join me and if so please share YOUR HAIR STORY with all of us. You can let us know through posts and comments on the blog or email me for a hair feature! The more the merrier! I will mark the official start of the transitioning series as Monday 1 October 2014 (throws confetti) I like new hair starts so I’m excited!

PS: Remember though ALL HEALTHY HAIR is beautiful and manageable and I will still share info on all types- relaxed, transitioning, natural because I have been on all three hair journeys and even locked hair talk with the input of my locked ladies  … So please never feel left out.

Here’s a pic of my hair on my most recent wash day. My hair had conditioner and you can really see the waves from the natural hair if you look close enough. Loving all my new growth 😀


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