Hairstyle of the Day


Ok so I did this updo about two weeks ago and I LOVED it.(I call it my rolly bun updo) it was fun and super easy to do. My only issue with it was that I had to comb my hair a lot more than I had wanted, to get neat pony tails. I’m transitioning so excess manipulation is no bueno!

I get lot’s of questions about my updo’s and how I do them so here’s 5 quick steps on what I did:

1) Comb hair stretching new growth and part in three sections- tie securely with small scrunchies
2) Take bottom pony tail and roll it up to create a poofy bun. Try make it as big as possible. the thicker your hair the easier this is
3) Repeat on second pony tail
4) Undo front pony and gently comb hair forward.
5) Hold hair by the ends and start to roll it up in whatever direction you prefer. Secure ends with pins


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