Transitioning Series: How and When?!!?

Hi Ladies

Let’s talk a bit about transitioning.Put quite simply transitioning is the process of cutting out the use of relaxer with the intention of not relaxing…EVER… and growing out your natural hair.
I have said this before, don’t think for a second that this is easy.. I have been here before and let me tell you it’s no joke!! But it CAN AND WILL be done, you just need to figure out a few things along the way. I’ll start with these two. Know HOW AND WHEN.
demarcation line

How ?
There are different ways to transition and the choice is yours- the key however is to keep your hair as healthy as possible and to minimize breakage even though it’s bound to happen.
You can long term transition over an extended period of time by stopping the use of relaxers and gradually cutting off processed hair, or you can dive right in and big chop by cutting it all off (the relaxed hair that is) to start growing your natural hair.
If you choose to long term transition protective styles are of utmost importance. Even low manipulation styles can be used on moderation.

When you are READY … mentally, knowledge, and product wise. Don’t make the mistake of tricking yourself into thinking you are ready when you have not fully done your research on transitioning, you will be wasting your time and effort and you actually end up damaging your hair so DO YOUR HOMEWORK please….
The best way to get info is to read blogs, watch videos and to talk to fellow natural haired ladies about their hair journey and transition. You in turn will also need to share your hair journey as a way of progressing. You will come to realize just how fun it is to talk about hair :-p and it’s great to know you are also helping others along the way.

When you have your staples products. The same way athlete prepare for game day you need to prepare for your transition. You can’t start your transition or any hair journey for that matter without your staple products. What are they??
• A natural oil for your scalp ie JBCO,
• Shampoo – sulphate free*
• Deep conditioner
• Protein treatment
• Daily moisturiser (water based)
Now it might sound like a lot but there’s a reason why you need all of them and if you read the blog you will see the posts that explain why.

So food for thought for all my ladies that are on the fence…. Think long and hard on what you want to do. Regardless all types of hair can be healthy and the awesome thing is there is never a “WRONG” choice when it comes to hair 



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