Late Feedback Friday

so this is my Feedback Friday Post that I could not post yesterday because my wifi was down – sigh… but better late than never right???

“Today my blog is me venting …I’m calling it “Frustrated Friday” lol …yes I’m being dramatic but as a woman it’s allowed right? Anyway …. so I may or may not have mentioned to you that I currently have a weave in after so so long! And let’s just say I am not enjoying it as much as I used to 😦
Not that’s there is anything wrong with weaves but I have become so accustomed to my wig regimen that certain things are really getting to me. (Grrr) So here is what I am struggling with:

Limited Access to my scalp-
With my wig regimen that I use 80% of the time, I can oil my scalp and moisturize & seal my hair as much as I like AND If I overdo it one week I even have the freedom to give my hair a wash … not any more… Getting this weave has reminded me just how little access I get to my scalp and hair during the time I have it on. Once the weave gets sewn on across the tracks l’m left with little squares of space to try and fit my fingers in to oil my scalp and it’s driving me nuts! My scalp is dry and itchy (sobs).

Then there’s this whole thing of greasy hair … when my white friends used to say it I never used to understand … I would be like what are they talking about their hair looks fine .. but once you enter the world of weaves and wigs it suddenly makes sense. Whether it’s Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian, Lithuanin, Norwegian, Chilean hair … lol! just kidding- bet some of you were getting excited about new types of human hair! So basically unlike a wig where I can remove and wash it often, with weaves I struggle to keep it clean. I can’t oil my scalp as much as I would like, lest my hair gets greasy and I am stuck with a mop of greasy hair on my head.  (I am actually there right now so if you see me in a slicked back bun you know why. lol… ) Typically I don’t like to wash my hair when in protective styles because it mattes badly, and so, I have to suffer in silence while I have the weave.

Now remember I said I was being dramatic in all this right? lol It’s really not that bad but what you need to take from this is :
1) When you are on a regimen and picking your protective styles you must chose hairstyles that you will actually enjoy. if not you will be miserable and end up taking it out too soon which means over manipulation of hair and that’s a big no no.
2) Pick hairstyles that do not compromise your hair progress by affecting your regimen – your hair must thrive when in a PS not get damaged. So if you are struggling to reach your scalp to oil it you may want to reconsider your PS choice next time.

Now that I have finished complaining I’ve decided to wash my weave this weekend to get the grease out and have styling options again, and then keep the weave in for two more weeks. I hate taking out hair too early, so I will deal with the matted growth when I get to that hurdle 🙂

oh and here’s a pic… I’m not enjoying my scalp under my weave but the hair its self is great see:



6 thoughts on “Late Feedback Friday

  1. Lol that was me this weekend thinking about washing the weave got me weak in the knees its even hectic washing it coz it tends to tangle no matter how systematic you are about washing it. It’s driving me so crazy and i have only had it for a week i can’t deal!!! at this rate it will be off my head in 3weeks.

  2. I totally understand what you are going through K. Thats why its taken me so long to get a weave, just the thought of my scalp feeling trapped under something gives me goosebumps. But hey well done you got the weave done which is a good thing. Next time you will have it done your way…..

  3. Have u seen a vixen weave install on youtube. Granted you cut your weave a lot more but you have a lot more space btwn the lines… I think. Im not a weave person but I felt like trying this one

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