Washday Feedback :)

Seasons Greetings Ladies!!!

Ok, so here’s my late Washday Feedback  … Better late than never right? (I’m sure you are all getting tired of hearing that … but I really do apologize :-l  take me back please ? 🙂  ) Great!  I always like to share my washday experience with all of you especially now that they become more interesting during my transition. I hope this post can help someone else who is transitioning or stretching too because yikes it’s no easy process.

This washday in particular was very interesting.  It was three days long and here’s how it went:

3 day washday

Day 1:

I had a weave in for about two months and I went to the hairdresser to take it out. I have learnt in life that she who puts in my weave SHALL take it out. They know the intricacies of all their knots and knits and therefore it’s only right that they take it out, lest your hair gets butchered. :-l  Anyway I’m waffling now, back to washday talk….

After taking out a style I usually leave my scalp alone for a few hours because it’s very tender and hurts from all the manipulation. I started my detangling at night and I did this mostly with my fingers and a wide tooth comb. I then pre-poo’d overnight  using a mx of olive oil, coconut oil and a bit of jbco. I enjoy long prepoo’s because they get my hair a lot more soft and manageable when I start shampooing. I also pre-poo for long when I know I am going to do a protein treatment.

Day 2:

Ok so I continued my pre-poo throughout the following day because my schedule got hectic and I really did not have time to start my washing. I threw a wig on top of my hair and went about my day.

That evening I put my hair into 6 large braids and started washing. I changed the way I applied my shampoo this time around. I diluted my shampoo with aloe vera juice (don’t ask me why  lol) and some tea tree oil, to disinfect my scalp and soothe the itching. I applied the shampoo directly to my scalp using an applicator bottle and really focused on massaging the shampoo on my scalp before working it down the length of my hair.

After washing I rinsed out the shampoo using warm water   then applied my protein treatment for 30mins using heat and then my deep conditioner using heat for 45mins to 1 hour.  I stopped using heat but kept the dc in overnight.

Day 3:

I went for a rinse detangle and blow dry by Goddess where my hairdresser Gloria is. As usual she took her time with all my knots and tangles from washing and detangle my hair in sections using a tangle tamer brush ( I’m obsessed! Just got two of my own) after rinsing out the conditioner she did a blow out on my hair working in sections ofcourse, and turned my matt into a mane 😀 ps she is very gentle so even with my super tender scalp I get to sit back and relax when Gloria does my hair.

I didn’t not trim off anyof my ends this time around but once I take out my braids I will. I will probably take off an inch to even out my hair … eeeek the reality of going natural .

So that pretty much sums up my 3 day wash day ladies and before I end off here are 3 things key things to take away from this read:

Sections, sections, sections!!!

  • I have found that the further along I go in my transition the smaller sections I have to work with because my hair tangles like crazy, whether its wash day or just oiling my scalp; and there’s nothing worse than trying to comb those knots out.
  • When I wash in sections I don’t take the braids out until I am done with all my treatments. I used to, but I found that I lose wayyyy too much hair when I do. Instead I just save my time and energy  to deal with detangling right at the very end. (of which I usually chicken out and go to Gloria to deal with my mop of hair) lol

There I am shampooing and blow drying in sections 😀 Even if you are not transitioning sections are your friend.just figure out what sizes work for you ….





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