New Year New Hair 2015

Happy New Year and New Hair Ladies!!!!!

happy new hairIt’s always exciting to start a new year with new hair resolutions, so for those of you who have committed to start a hair challenge or something of the sort I wish you all the best. Looking at my new hair resolutions from last year I can safely say I failed at those so I won’t do it again… lol

I will however let you know what helps me as I go along my hair journey, and I will promise to keep doing it. That’s fair right? lol. Look it’s nothing new and you have heard it many times before but some things just need to be reinforced. Who knows maybe you can try it out too and let me know how it works out.  Here we go:

  1. Protective styling with singles/braids

For the most part over the last two years, the singles I’m referring to have been calabre braids under my wig. I have stuck with my wig regimen that I adopted from a blogger called bushbaby for about 70% of my hair journey. However, half way through this year I reminded myself how much I loved braids and how I had transitioned for two years using braids the last time I went natural, and I decided to give them another go. I must say, I am super happy and I think I will be bouncing between braids and wigs this year. Having single braids makes it so much easier for me to oil my scalp and moisturise my hair and ends. It’s so easy and fast, and because of that I feel more inclined to do it, which helps a lot with my hair growth. Now that I am about to take out my braids I need to go ahead and purchase a good wig to take me through the next three months. I never do braids multiple times in a row, for the sake of my hair line.

*hair chat- I had a weave at some stage during this year and as much as I appreciate a good brazilian or whatever ian weave I must say my hair hated me during this time! I couldn’t oil or moisturise my scalp and vowed not to get one again for a long long time.

           2. Stretching my protective styles

Now by stretching I don’t mean 3weeks…. I’m talking about pushing 2-3 months. Yes some of you my gasp in disgust but it’s been working for me for years. My hair likes to be left alone to do its growing thing, so I give her what she wants! Food (Jbco) + water(daily moisturiser) + time (stretching). The less I manipulate my hair the more length I retain. Most of the time during my hair journey I stretching my relaxer and the key for me to managing the new growth is to leave it alone by tucking it away. And during the stretch I will be oiling and moisturising my hair so that helps with my hair growth


You may read that exercising helps hair growth and sometimes may not believe it, but I’ll tell you for me it works miracles. Nothing better than getting that blood pumping through my body and to my scalp as well as cleansing my body through a good sweat to help my hair grow! I do this with caution though because my scalp edges sweat a lot during my work outs and if my hair does not dry fully my scalp will flare up like crazy!!! Remember that scalp of mine that was terribly burned that one time … ? Well if I have too much sweat on the base of my scalp it becomes very very sensitive. It’s a terrible experience. I mean none stop uncontrollable itching  … I borderline scratch my scalp raw during my sleep and the only way to soothe it is with tea tree oil and then aloe vera juice. So the moral of the story is… you must cleanse your scalp after a work out either with cleansing wipes or wet towel or a good old wash to prevent sodium build up on your scalp and hair. (simply put)

    4.Minimal Heat

I have tried to use very little heat on my hair as I have progressed during my hair journey. I will admit I am still a sucker for a good blow out on my wash days (once every 2-3 months) but other than that I have managed to eliminate unnecessary heat like flat ironing. The blow out gets my hair straight enough so there is no need to traumatize it any further. I am at that stage where the sound of sizzling hair and the smell of it burning just gives me heebeejeebees! So I just can’t do it….(my hair has no complaints about that.) Heat is not alllll bad, but anything in excess is No Bueno! Getting a blow out actually makes my new growth and hair a lot more manageable and helps me to keep some length especially if I do a protein treatment before because I can avoid the process of ripping through knots.

So, there’s a little food for thought ladies on what works for me. Let’s keep up the good hair habits as we progress during the year! If you are doing well already and have a regimen that is working for you, then keep that up. If it aint broke don’t fix it :-p

Here’s to beautiful healthy hair in 2015  !!!




6 thoughts on “New Year New Hair 2015

  1. hi Kundayi! thanks so much for the post hey 🙂 mmmm, i’m struggling with identifying a good protective style for my hair that will give me the best results all round. i’ll give you a ring

  2. Hey Kundayi thank you for the pointers again, I always look forward to reading your posts and I’m grateful for what you have done, are doing and will do in the future in aiding our healthy hair journeys, who would have known that our hair can actually grow! Thanks

    • thank you for the support Cheryl! I stay motivated by people that start a hair journey! the more the merrier 🙂 cant wait to see how long and healthy your hair is now ❤

  3. Hie Kundie, thank you so much for your post, will definitely be making some changes on maintaining minimum heat on my hair i was doing a lot of that in 2014 and also having successive braids one after the other.

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