tHs January Hair Feature – Tendai Karonga

Hello Ladies!

This is a special post for all my locked ladies out there so you don’t think I have neglected you! I personally have no experience with locks but what I do know is that the fundamentals of good hair care practices are across the board whether locked, natural or relaxed.

So, with that said, meet the beautiful Tendai, one of the only people in Zim that made me ever consider locks just from looking at hers! I hope you enjoy reading about her hair story as much as I did 🙂 she has lots of hair tips to share!


What is your name? Tendai Karonga

What is your Hair Type?  Natural Locks

When did you start your HHJ and what was your starting length?

Well I’ve always had natural hair. My mom wouldn’t let me relax my hair at all! So for about 2 years when I was a tween I relaxed my hair behind her back. When my hair started breaking, I ended my attempt at having straight hair! So apart from ages 12-14, I’ve always had natural hair.

Why did you start your hair journey in locks, did anyone influence you?

My lock journey started 5 years ago. But when Lauryn Hill debuted her locks, I was around 16 years old and it was lock love at first sight! Up until that point, locks were always for Rastas or had outright negative connotations. I had never seen a gorgeous, black female have their natural hair look so beautiful and universally appealing! I mean who knew locks could be styled, curled, or left to just hang down your back? So from then on I researched. How could I have ‘clean’ locks. How often do you wash them? How long would it take my hair to lock? Would it look EXACTLY like Lauryn Hill’s hair? Lol!

What is your current healthy hair regimen?

I like to go to the Salon once a month, where I do the full works: wash, condition, steam/treatment, re-twist, dry and style. I make sure the loctision applied conditioner all the way down to end of my locks. If my hair feels especially dry I’ll use leave-in-conditioner.

What are your hair goals for 2015?

To keep growing my hair, till I get to the desired length (which would be the middle of my back), and to avoid anymore colouring. I noticed that dye with ammonia/peroxide is especially harmful to natural hair. Though natural hair looks tough, it is very sensitive to harsh products. Be gentle and attentive, it will grow!


LOVE this pic! Looks like Tendai will be at MBL in no time! 🙂

What are your favorite/staple hair products?

SHEA BUTTER saves lives people!!! I also love most of the range from Organic Root Stimulator. Also any natural oils (carrot oil, olive oil etc…) I don’t like ‘greasy’ oils on my scalp but a light nourishing texture so that my pores don’t get clogged up-not a good look for locks I tell you!

What challenges have you faced on your HHJ?

It’s always a challenge finding a good loctision. People just think it’s about washing and re-twisting. Hair is hair!  You will find even though the person doing your hair has locks, they don’t even bother to go online and check out new hairstyles or techniques. I can’t believe I haven’t come across anyone who knows how to do sister-locks (beautiful micro-locks that twisted using a crocheting-like method, the hair doesn’t break!)! Actually, just finding someone who knows how to deal with all types of natural hair is frustrating. It needs to be cared for! I find a LOT of people at hair salons are very impatient with natural hair. It’s quite an ordeal. I remember from my days before locks. Or even that if you have locks, your hair is not really clean. Lolest!

The early days ...

The early days …

What do you wish you knew about locks in the past?

Um, nothing really. Lol, I did so much reading on it because I was determined not to have ‘ugly’ locks, and it was just plain fascinating to discover all the things we can do with our natural hair in whatever form it is in. There are so many textures on one head!

What do love and hate about your locks?

I know this sounds cheesy, but once I made the effort to see what works for my hair, I can say that I adore it. From red afros, to TWAs to twists, to cornrows, to every braid style imaginable I’ve been there and back. The locks I have now are just another phase in my hair journey. They are versatile and easy to maintain. I think I’ve recently come to accept that they won’t look like Lauryn Hill’s locks but they suit me just fine!

Do you have any advice for those considering locks?

Make friends with your natural hair. It’s not a punishment, it’s just another type of hair. Find out what works for you and which products your hair responds to. Don’t rely on others, even the hairdressers don’t know everything. Be patient. Depending on your hairtype your hair may lock after 3 months or 9.Stalk people with locks you like and ask them about their hair regiments. Google-A LOT. Nowadays, there are so many great Vlogs and blogs-like this one!

What motivates you on your hair journey?

I just want to look like me. I don’t want to look like somebody else and believe in my hair’s ability to grow. I want to have healthy, nourished hair that is happy to be on my head! It’s a love affair people!

What 3 hair care tips do you have for all the locked ladies?

1.) Steam treatment, steam treatment, steam treatment!

2.) Avoid thick products on your scalp, you don’t want build up on your roots, and make sure that conditioner is thoroughly washed out of your hair.

3.) When re-twisting after having your hair washed, make sure you use a gel or cream based product. Beeswax collects and stores dirt easily and should only be used in the very beginning, when hair isn’t fully locked.

BELIEVE! If you love your hair, it will will you TEN-FOLD

How do you handle the non-hair-believers?

I just flick my hair and smile!


She definitely has something to smile about! Tendai’s styled locks look amazing! Make your hair journey exciting and get to styling * but remember low tension always :-p

Hope you enjoyed the feature ladies and if you too, would like to be one of our monthly features email me at







3 thoughts on “tHs January Hair Feature – Tendai Karonga

  1. Beautiful post my dear, Ms. Tendai, your locs are amazing and gorgeous!!!! Keep rocking your tresses and thank you for the tips, you both have a great day 😀 😀 😀

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