Wash Day Feed Back- Health Over Length

Hi ladies

As you know I am about 16months post and in full swing of my 24month transition. I have so much new growth and the tangles are getting more painful by the day! BUT I will continue because it’s definitely worth it. Anyway, so I had twists in my hair for a solid three months! I felt like I was in college again with that stretch haha! I must say though, I had a great time with my braids. I had really missed styling and having fun with them, so best believe I went all out then along came Monday …. :-l

I was feeling very lazy, and had no energy to do anything myself to my hair. Soooo I went to the salon to get my twists/braids taken out by my hairdresser.  When done she only partially detangled my hair because the pain was terrible! Way too much tugging and pulling for my scalp in one day….

After taking out my braids I was planning to rest my scalp for a full day and then do my washday on Wednesday, but I found out that Gloria would be off work, so I had to rush and do them the same day!! This meant a shorter wash day for me because I would be rushing and not have time to pre-poo and do multiple treatments. Something very different to my usual routine. 😦

Anyway, I had to get my hair detangled again pre wash which was a challenge. I always get bad knots when I have twists and this time around my hair was not moist and my scalp was aching; So Gloria had to come to the rescue and she applied some moisturising treatment to soften and partly detangle my hair. This really helped but it still hurt like crazy. After washing my hair (not in sections) and sitting under the steamer for 20mins we had to further detangle the hair in preparation for my blowout. 😥

Almost an hour later my hair was blow dried and flat ironed and looking good, but the thinning ends were terrible! I had noticed them from my last wash day and so I went in knowing I was due for a big TRIM. You can even see just how bad the relaxed ends looked when my hair was wet and in full shrinkage mode! Not a pleasant sight!


New growth vs relaxed ends! Can you see the striking difference in texture and fullness!!! The ends had to go! Also take not of the SHRINKAGE !!! This hair was around arm pit length pre cut but who would ever believe it withal this shrinkage!!!

I told Gloria to grab the shears and cut off 3 inches of the thinning relaxed hair. As a transition progresses it is inevitable that your ends will thin out and break off. So rather than waiting for that to happen, rather be proactive and cut them off. This guarantees straight blunt ends which are unlikely to split for some time if well moisturised. If you leave the hair to fall off on its own you run the risk off getting split ends. So even if you have to chant to yourself “HEALTH OVER LENGTH” to get it done, be sure to trim necessary. You will definitely know when the time has come! I could possibly be trimming again sooner than expected, because the way my ends are tangling together is insane and painfull!


My hair mid blow dry. I wont be doing this for the next couple of months as I do a no heat challenge. Also at this stage of my transition it just hurts my scalp too much 😦

The moral of the story is; I survived my washday so you will too! I chose health over length by trimming off 3inches of thinning relaxed hair, and now I am left with healthy transitioning hair, and that’s what counts the most in a healthy hair journey! I have also resolved to use no heat on my hair  for the remaining 8months of my transition (unless if I’m putting in a weave). I plan to go back to my wig regimen for a while as I grow out by budding afro and try to repair my hair line that seems to be taking a hit :-/

Here’s a summary of my hair from June 2014 to Jan 2015 !!


I hope to hear from you about your washdays to, so please do post comments! I always love to hear from you all. Happy hair growing ladies***.




4 thoughts on “Wash Day Feed Back- Health Over Length

  1. Thank you dearie, my wash days take about 4-5 hours, includes, DC, detangle, wash and style, long time, but worth it because my wash day is every 3 to 4 weeks 😀 thank you for sharing.

  2. 24 month transition…. you are a legend!

    I once did a 7 month stretch and the tangles had me feeling some type of way. I was so relieved to get back to the relaxer.

    And my hair practically locs when I’m in twists -maybe its coz I do rope twists. .. I felt like crying from the pain you just described in this post coz I can definitely imagine it!

  3. well done K and thank you, you give a lot of women hope whether natural, relaxed or transitioning its always best to choose health over length eventually that beautiful full head of hair will be worth the patience. Cant wait for the 24 month anni…….

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