Hair Line Update and Challenge

Hi Ladies …

So, as most of you know I was over the moon about my braids and all my styling fun,yes? But then I realised I may have over done it when I took out my braids the other day and my hairline was nowhere in sight !! Well it’s not completely gone, but it’s very damaged and I only have myself to blame because I know better.The moral of the story is I don’t have a very strong hairline and so in order for me to keep it I’m going to have to steer clear of the braids and tension on my hairline for a WHILE until it’s repaired.

Hairline Update

Now the good thing is I have an action plan to get my hairline back, and soon!  It’s worked before and I’m more than ready to do it again. Here’s what I do:

  • Put myself on a 6 week mini hairline challenge
  • Put in a weave, with loose but secure circular tracks (done by mai Saru ONLY)
  • Leave out my hairline when putting in tracks  so I have complete access to it and NO tension on it (this is key)
  • Part my weave in a way that covers my hair line so it’s protected and also warm beneath the weave for the duration of the challenge
  • Apply my jbco/ ppo mix and coconut oil to my hair line daily (strong roots pimento oil can substitute if you have it) the goal is to have growth and strengthening at the same time
  • Gently massage hairline in one direction after applying oil to speed up absorption
  • Take a supplement like biotin (optional)
  • Green house method at night—yes even with the weave. The key is to create heat around the scalp
  • Increase warm water intake
  • Exercise and work up a reaaaaal sweat 3x per week

There it is …my 6 week regimen to grow back my hairline! Feel free to join me over the next few weeks if you are in a similar boat as I am! I will be posting updates on twitter and Instagram page. Wish me luck!

PS: Don’t neglect the rest of your scalp during the regimen. Continue to oil and moisturise your hair as often as you usually do.




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