Random Hair Chat: Then you are reminded that its worth it ….

Hi ladies,

Happy Easter to you all! I have had an interesting last few months filled with moments where I wonder if all this hair talk actually has a positive impact on people. Whether or not people are reading, and whether what I talk about has any relevance to anyone?!!!???!!  It’s definitely a tough road with mixed views on hair, side eyes from people that call you hair obsessed, and non compliance from those that genuinely just have no interest! lol Funny enough it takes it’s toll…

However….fortunately for me, these last few days have been filled with some positive hairstories. I have had the opportunity of watching some of my clients progress in their hair journeys and rave about how happy they are with their hair since starting on their journey. I must say, nothing is more gratifying than watching the confidence that comes with healthy hair developing in those who once swore they would not or could not wear their hair down. Also, receiving a heartfelt thank you when I shared some hair advice that left a friend hopeful that her hair could improve. Then there’s the referalls that came from people I did not even realise followed my blog… What a great feeling and motivation to keep blogging 🙂

I’m motivated once again and looking forward to keep sharing on the blog with you all!  Thank you for reading and showing support always !!




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