Hi Ladies,

Now I know I have some explaining to do after my last shocking post on facebook….but please do hear me out J lol. As you probably all know by now, I finished my transition with a nice premature BIG CHOP. (eeeek inside scream) Now it was premature on paper because I had committed to a 24 month transition, but quite honestly in my mind it felt like it was overdue. My hair was literally screaming to be cut off and I was more than happy to do so! Shocking right!

Now I will say, as always, that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to hair. Transitioning is always very personal in terms of the length and what you will experience as you go along, but the key focus during a transition is to maintain healthy hair as you make your way to natural.

Here are a few reasons why I knew it was time for me to big chop! I’m sure you will relate to at least one whether you are currently transitioning or have already walked this road. (For me it was my second time.)

Multiple textures overload

As you make your way through your transition you have to deal with multiple textures on one head, and the longer you stretch the more difficult it becomes. For my hair I had three textures to manage- natural hair, texlaxed hair and fully relaxed hair. Trust me it’s not easy, the more your natural hair grows out the more inclined you are to knots and this makes wash days unbearable. A LOT of time patience and extra care is needed during this stage.

Demarcation line drama

As your multiple textures become more apparent, the line of demarcation becomes weaker.(Click on hyper link to see respective blog) No amount of deep conditioning and protein treatments will stop the inevitable ‘break’ from happening, so the weaker your demarcation line becomes the sooner you should make your decision. You ‘could’ (if you are naughty) wait for the natural process to happen but that compromises health of your hair – so say no to the temptation of holding on to your length for too long.

My hair was “getting thin”

As you stretch your relaxers your hair begins to ‘thin out’ from the midshaft breakage occurring at the demarcation line. (as seen in pic) Then in other cases where you manage to control breakage, your relaxed ends will be visibly much thinner and weaker than the new growth in its full, thick, coily and kinky state. This often makes people freak out because the hair begins to look very unhealthy and there’s no flat iron around that can help its cause when trying to ‘blend’ textures. For my transition I had a case of both at the end!

transition hair

This sums up the hard side of my transition: -Multiple textures -Insane shrinkage -Thinning ends -Single strand knots and mid shaft breakage

There was enough growth

A big part of my long term transition was so that I could have hair long enough to style when it was all over. I love long hair, and I don’t think I am a good candidate for the TWA crew. I’ve seen my shrunken afro and its no bueno on my face so I definitely had to wait till I grew out some hair. I was happy with where I was and when my hair was stretched. It was a solid neck length. I would still like to grow out further though. The growth also allowed me to do some of the cool styles I have posted in my pics,as well as an awesome blow out! This was because of the extra volume and length. 🙂

And finally ……

When you know, YOU KNOW!

I can’t explain it, but you will definitely understand once you get to that point too. It’s that uncontrollable frustration plus inner voice that pushes you closer and closer to a pair of scissors every time you see one. For me it was mostly as a result of the combination of reasons above. I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was being coming so painful for me to manage my hair no matter how much conditioner I used, or how small my sections were. Also the length lover in me was ready to LET GO of my hair. Honestly once you have “that moment” there’s no stopping you. I just told Mai Saru that I wasn’t washing my hair until she cut it all off, and THAT WAS THAT! In a number of minutes my transition was over and I said hello to my new hair. (I may need some help coming up with a name for my fro as she grows out)



So that’s about it ladies …. Cheers to the beginning of a new natural hair journey! AGAIN. lol


4 thoughts on “MY BIG CHOP

  1. You go girl!!!!!! Beautiful growth and love your tresses!!!! Congratulations and wish you the best on your healthy hair journey!!!!!!!! Please do keep us posted!!!

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