Winter Challenge Check in/Feedback Friday

Hi ladies

I can’t believe one month has already gone by …oh how time flies. No complaints from me though, anyone who knows me can confirm how much I dislike the cold.

Now feedback time! How is the winter challenge going? Please let’s update each other, I hope by now we all have our protective styles in and are settled into the winter regimen… if not it’s never too late to start. The only down side is no prizes for you!! :-p lol

Here’s what I have been doing

I am using wigs as my protective style – why??? because my scalp was feeling very tender and I did not want to go through the pain of getting my hair straight enough for it to be braided. Also I had used excessive heat on my hair –blow dry and flat iron for a special occasion so I was avoiding heat at all costs

I have been oiling my scalp like crazy with JBCO and Coconut JBCO! I could go on and on about the benefits of coconut oil but that’s a whole blog in itself. Basically it absorbs well into the hair to improve moisture and it reduces breakage. Two of the challenge goals

I do the greenhouse method about 2-3 times per week. For some reason I don’t sleep as well when I have the shower cap on my head. It’s odd but I am yet to figure it out.

Moisturise and seal heavily 3 times per week. Confession I go heavy handed because at times I’m lazy and don’t want to do it 5 times per week. Or it covers up for when I forget. Lol

Quick scalp massages every time I oil my scalp so that I can work the product in. I wish I had someone to do it for me …

How my hair feels so far

MOIST (lol-inside joke) there is no doubt that my hair is heavily moisturized at the moment, but it’s not excessive. In a week or so I will be telling a different story and that’s why next week is WASHDAY!!!! So be prepared for a detailed washday update.

My ends feel very fragile. I am glad they are braided up but I still need to be very gentle when I moisturise and seal. I am way overdue for a trim! I have to stop myself from picking up scissors and trimming it myself. I’m concerned so I need to work on this.


Hair Chat

  • I will be spicing up my regimen with something new. The inversion method for a month starting 1 June 2014 !! Who will join me??!!?? I have never done it consistently so It’s time to give it a shot. Some hair friends have already committed to us doing it together so I’m excited!! nothing to lose and 1inch of hair growth to gain. (I will post details on the 1st)
  • I think I’m going natural again !! I’m on the fence and I feel myself tipping to the natural side… I’m nervous though… but the good thing is I have two more months of the challenge to decide… decisions!
  • I took out one of my braids and I had a full length shed hair that was almost 40cm!!!!!!! MBL here I come!! #motivated

Now it’s your turn ladies? How is the challenge going for you and how is your hair?? Do you challenge check in and post your comments with hash tag #winterchallengecheckin

Looking forward to hear about your progress





Feedback Friday (Late post)

Hi ladies,

So you all know I did a wash day last weekend right? The process was the same as my last one but this time I made my own detangling spritz with aloe vera juice and olive oil 🙂 I liked it… maybe because I am a fan of aloe vera juice but in terms of the results I felt like my hair was very soft after detangling it. Everything else was the same but for those who didn’t get  a chance to read the last washday post here’s a summary of my routine.

Detangle- on moist hair with a paddle brush and wide tooth comb. I use detangler or a homemade spritz …

Prepoo- (2hrs)I used them same tea tree, olive oil and strongs roots pimento oil mix. I the oil on my scalp so that the tea tree oil can disinfect my scalp and then strong roots pimento oil penetrates the scalp to strengthen my roots

Wash- in four sections but not in braids. My hair and scalp was a lot more dirty so I used shampoo this time instead of co-washing to prevent build up of dirty on my scalp. I gave my scalp a good scrub and may have contributed to a few tangles but I was willibg to comb them out gently for a clean scalp 🙂

Protein treatment- I skipped the protein treatment again this time and when right in to deep conditioning. I will use my protein treatment on my next wash day. Every two months is fine for my hair especially with all this growth. the matting is not my friend. 

Deep conditioning- I remain OBSESSED  with my JBCO deep conditioner. I think it may be the castor oil component but it leaves my hair feeling amazing and soft… it’s sensational!!! and I don’t even have to apply too much …This time I even deep conditioned with out heat. I just cover with my shower cap and left it in for about an hour and a half, but the results as always were amazing. oh and all this was in sections.

Blow dry- I moisturized my hair then applied argan oil as my heat protector and blow dried in sections using the tension method.

With the more growth I’m getting the more shrinkage I’m experiencing but I know it’s all worth it !! Have any of you done washday recently ? Please share YOUR Wash day regimen with all of us 🙂  



Results from my wash day- pre  wash and detangle, during blow drying, final results and after.

Results from my wash day- pre wash and detangle, during blow drying, final results and after.

Washday Feedback

Hi ladies,

As you know last Sunday was my wash day! I was very nervous given the last two but also determined to get things right this time. I had committed to doing everything correctly, made sure I had fun with it and tried a few new things…it turned out well! I think I’ve found my new washday regimen  😀 woohoo! I have numbered the pic so you know exactly what I was doing what I was using and what it all looked like …

Detangling- (pic1)

I detangled in sections using a wide tooth detangling comb. I did not wet my hair because it was already full of oil so it was not very dry. I worked slowly and gently. I did this a day or two prior to my wash day just to give my scalp time to rest. Then on Sunday I embarked on a day long wash day that was worth every minute.….

Pre-pooing (pic 2,3,4)

This is my new dream!!! Whatever I thought I was doing all this time was definitely not it because the results I has this time were amazing. Instead of pre-pooing for like 10mins I applied my mixture of oil to my hair and scalp using my applicator brush from root to tip. My oil is a mix of evoo, tea tree oil and strong roots pimento. I focused a lot of the oil on my scalp and new growth and let it sit for a few hours under my shower cap and plastic wrap that I secured using tape. Such behavior will usually limit your activity but I just threw on a head scarf and went about my day. Can I just say the results!!AMAZING!!! My growth was so so soft and the comb almost slipped right through my hair! :-O Not much pain either! I was in both shock and awe… now I know why people pre-poo and say it must be done overnight or for a few hours minimum…

Co-washing and deep condition (pic 5 and 6)

These were my next steps.  I washed and deep conditioned my hair in 4 large sections … not in braids this time as I usually do… I started out by rinsing out the oil with warm water. Not all of it of course, and then washed with my co-wash in order to retain a bit of moisture. I washed and detangled each section slowly ensuring that I did not get any knots. Then I applied my deep conditioner from root to tip and massaged it in to my scalp and new growth. I sat with my conditioner for about two hours with heat under my heating cap and without heat .

Tension method blow drying (pic 7 and 8)

 I tried something new and blow dried my hair using the “the tension method” I am a fan! This is when you don’t use a comb or brush when blow drying. Rather, you part your hair, detangle gently and then dry it by taking hold of your hair and stretching it while blowing warm air down along it to dry and helps a lot if you have a concentration nozzle. This method is great if done correctly and leaves hair super straight while using very little heat. Minimal combing means less breakage

Selfie time (pic 9)

This is now the time where you let yourself have fun, love your hair and flaunt it! Length checks are always a must and it’s nice to have a pic to remember how your hair was looking. Enjoy your hair and pat yourself on the back, I sure did 😀








Feedback Friday: Hair Update/Chat

Greetings everyone!!!

I hope everyone has started the New Year off well.  I know its still Thursday here in Zim but somewhere out there it’s Friday so HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

So a whole bunch of things (bad and good) have happened to my hair over the past few weeks I’ll try summarize it for you as best I can but this “might” just be a long read (hides face in hands) lol.

Lets start with an update on my long term stretch- 

I’m still going strong and I’m patiently waiting for the day I can finally texlax my hair and see that miraculous change in length! Kind of like when you type out an assignment single spaced then hit 1.5 spacing right at the end and you go from 4 pages to like 6!!  😀 That’s my silver lining in all off this because it’s been a tough stretch. I’ve had a number of challenges with my washdays and lost a lot of hair during the process. I’m not proud of this at all and take full responsibility because it all could have been avoided but I got lazy.

Whenever I stretch I usually do my washdays at home and really take my time with everything because my hair is really vulnerable during a stretch. But this time around I didn’t. Not once by twice… and boy do I regret it! Can you say BREAKAGE!??!! That doesnt even begin to describe the horrors! I think I’ve gone from APL back to SL! Ok ok that a bit dramatic but it was bad. The main cause of the problem is that I did not detangle well after taking out my protective style(weave) so when the water hit that crazy growth of mine it was a downhill battle. Blow drying was the worst!  So many knots and single strands knots and my hair dresser didn’t have the time to take them out one by one. By the end of it I had to take some pain killers…. Another thing was that I did a protein treatment and then my follow up deep conditioner did not sit in my hair for long enough so it was super hard! That dry straw type of feeling! GOSHHH. Any way this happened twice in a row all for the love of trying to save time. Well I learned my lesson… NEVER AGAIN because it ended up costing me so much hair.


***This is me sitting in the chair as I went through torture! lol And that to the left my friends is the damage of a single strand knot!! I had tonnes of these and they were ripped out (I am still weeping inside) all that length down the drain!

Now onto the good side of my story… My hairdresser was telling me that I have too much growth and I should relax my hair. I was in so much pain and just gutted so I even set a date in my phone for a reminder to do so… but luckily enough then my senses came back!! and I was reminded that I need to take ownership of what I am doing to my hair and stay encouraged during the stretch. I decided to start a new personal HAIR CHALLENGE, inspired by my fave products and try to repair my hair. I chose to go back to my favorite All IN ONE-WIG REGIMEN because I can really get to do everything all at once! I can do the following:

  • Focus on my scalp health by doing deep conditioning/ oil and protein treatments
  • Improve my hair health by moisturising and sealing the length of my hair and focusing on my ends. (incorporating the l.o.c method- which is great so far)
  • Go all out and do the GHE every night (I feel like it’s so much more effective during wig regimens)
  • Daily scalp massages with my JBCO and PPO mix

My hair loves this regimen from past experiences. So yes I’ll be doing this for 60 days and then I get to see the results! My hair should feel a lot thicker and stronger by the end of it and I should have significant growth. Also my ends should be healthier too. AND I would have stretched an extra 8weeks! I think at that point I will probably texlax depending on the state of my hair….

So basically ladies things at the end of the year were going south but with our hair it’s all about OWNING IT!! You literally make or break it yourself! So if your anything like me and need a challenge to get you going please do so immediately…  Every day you wait is another hair breaking!

Now here’s the part where I ask for your feedback! Sharing is caring remember 😀 and it’s the best way for us to learn from each other… So what has been going on with YOUR hair lately? and please share your New HAIR Resolutions if you have any … looking forward to them!



Oh before I get forget … this is my hair after my most recent wash day from hell. I’m praying that this is shrinkage setting in… but part of me knows my fate after the trauma my hair went through! However all is not lost 🙂

Wash day results

tellingMYhairstory: RELAXER BURN!!!

it’s a new year and everyone wants a new hair style or something, so I’ve been getting lots of questions on relaxers. When to get them, what products to use, how to process them etc.This brought back a memory of one of my worst hair experiences and I figured it was only right to share my hairstory with you all.

Sooooo two years ago I had a VERY VERY  bad experience with relaxing. My hairdresser was away so foolishly I allowed a very inexperienced person to relax my hair. At the time I was just trusting and assumed that standards were the same amongst the hairdressers, and that the ‘lady’ knew what she was doing. Boy was I wrong!!!I have always been quite assertive when it comes to my hair because I have such a tender scalp, and that was truly my saving grace that day! This lady burned my scalp so badly to the point that my scalp is STILL recovering. I am not exaggerating when I say I’m thankful to still have my hair…Ok, I think I’ve done enough of a build up now let me get into the details.

I went in for a relaxer and like I mentioned my hairdresser wasn’t there so this other ‘lady’ proceeded to do my hair. Things were fine at first. She based my scalp and parted my hair etc. during this time I made sure to tell her that my scalp is very tender and that I would needed her to work fast with the relaxer. Which she did not. It seemed like she had never applied relaxer before and I was starting to feel really uneasy. Plus she was chatting my ear off the whole time trying to talk hair with me and I felt like she was trying to cover up for her lack of experience. Anyway  so now my scalp is on fire and I let her know so she agrees to go rinse it out. So she rinses out the relaxer and after years of having my hair done I know she hasn’t done it thoroughly enough. Next thing she applies what should have been neutralizing shampoo but clearly wasn’t because she went on to put a heat cap over my head and tell me to sit under the steamer!!!??!! I was like, “excuse me? are you not going to put in the neutralizing shampoo, my scalp is still burning.” Then she goes “oh don’t worry ‘sweetie’ this stuff does both.” So I’m like ok, maybe this is a new product on the market and the hairdresser knows best right? NO. NO, NO, NO.  my scalp was on fire and I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t right so I got up and told her to rinse my hair out. Every touch of her hand was torture and at this point I’m freaking out inside. I just pictured a sink full of my hair falling out in batches. I knew I was burned and worse than I’ve ever been but I had no idea just how bad it was!  She blow dried and straightened my hair, another huge mistake and got right out of there!!! I was livid!!!

Now here’s where it gets worse, I wrap my hair that night and put on my head scarf as I should, pop a few pain killers and get to bed. I had to fall asleep with my face in my pillow because I couldn’t press my scalp, particularly the bottom half on my pillow because of the pain. Fast forward to the next morning and the horror was revealed. You’ve all seen a used/stained bandage right? That’s what my scarf looked like. My hair and the scarf were literally glued to the bottom half of my scalp. I had to peel the scarf off my hair and then when I touched my hair it felt like I had put in gel and it had partly hardened overnight. My scalp was oozing this sticky clear and reddish substance that I figured was a mix of puss and blood and my whole head was aching. I was absolutely mortified. Immediate tears because I got overwhelmed by a wave of pain and fear and I just couldn’t handle it. I love my hair and I was just picturing all of my hair falling out like the pics you find on the internet. I wish I still had photos to show you all but unfortunately my camera got stolen, but it was bad. Very very bad!

I went back to the salon that same day and explained to the manager what happened and she took a look at my hair. Somehow I kept my cool. I think it was because I was so scared and just needed help, but I was furious. Any way she took a look and apologised profusely, then did some treatment on my hair. I had to let my hair air dry and could not brush it until my scalp dried out, which took a number of days with my hair plastered to my scalp again. The burning sensation was gone, I guess the manager finally used a neutralizing shampoo on my scalp but it still hurt. A friend of mine suggested that I put vitamin E oil on the burns while I try to treat my scalp and I did so religiously. It saved my hair and scalp.


Since that time I’ve struggled with my scalp a lot. The bottom half is very sensitive and I would get a lot of sores on my scalp, especially when I braided my hair. I made the mistake of relaxing after about 9months post burn which was dumb!! I really should have left my scalp to heal but I didn’t know any better. Now that I’ve been doing more research on damaged scalps I’ve been using a mixture of aloe vera and vitamin e and it has worked wonders! I also decided to texlax and refrain from relaxing when I feel that my scalp isn’t healthy enough. For example I was due for my first texlax in Feb this year but I only did it in March because I was still developing sores after I took out my braids, so I went back to my aloe and vit e mix. Now I use my herbal Aloe vera JBCO! God’s gift to my scalp…. It increases thickness, promotes hair growth AND soothes and repairs my damaged scalp. I say damaged scalp because deep relaxer burns can take years to recover from.

A healthy scalp is EVERYTHING ladies. Please never sacrifice your scalp for a relaxer, hairstyle or anything! If your scalp is damaged take the TIME to let it heal…THERE IS NO HEALTHY HAIR WITHOUT A HEALTHY SCALP and there’s no way around this fact. Give your scalp what it needs, clean it, feed it, massage it etc and it will grow you a bit of hair in return trust me! lol

Feedback Friday: Follower Appreciation

Happy Friday Ladies

Here’s an email I got from one of my new followers Paida in S.A!! (posting with her consent 😉 ) Everything she’s saying is sooo true …look out for her on the blog as she will be a hair feature in the weeks to come.

Feedback Friday: Follower Appreciation

Nothing makes my day more than emails/messages from my new followers, and having them share their hair story with me. It’s so fulfilling and rewarding to see the shift in the hair care culture. Exciting stuff!!! “Healthy hair is for us ALL” and we will get there one head at a time…. 😀


Feedback Friday

Happy Happy Happy Friday ladies!!! I’m in such a good mood today! so much great feedback all around. Im excited and motivated. The hair care culture change has begin and its really picking up!!!

To all my new followers thank you for joining and welcome to tHs. It so wonderful and exciting to see more people hopping into the healthy hair train everyday!! Also seeing the results of those that have started and are journeying to healthy hair!
“Healthy hair is for us ALL ” and we can and WILL ALL get there one strand at a time with desire, diligence and patience…

Today I’d love to hear how everyone’s hair journey is coming along…so I have a few quick question for you to answer.

1)Are you on a HHJ?What made you start your HHJ. Was it the blog ?
2)Are you making progress and seeing the changes in your hair?
3)What is your favorite product right now?

Your feedback is appreciated by all so don’t be shy to share. It’s more fun when we have discussions going 😊

Here are my answers:

1)YES I am on a HHJ …Passion for hair and desire to have long hair like they do on tv ( lol) made me start… My hair actually made me start this blog 😜😜

2)I am definitely making progress. Especially with my wig regimen and texlaxing. The painful part though is cutting off the over processed hair. I’m still crying from my last big trim 😢 but my hair feels so much stronger and fuller. Chanting health over length health over length health over length!!!

3)This one is a no brainer JBCO !!! Oh and wave nouveau finishing moisturizer

I hope you all have a great weekend