tHs Winter Challenge CLOSE

Hi Ladies,
I can’t believe it has been 3 months already and the winter challenge is finally over!! I don’t know about you but I definitely had a good winter. Not only did I take care of my hair but I actually was waking up and going to the gym on these cold winter days! I am quite proud of myself  (p.s regular exercise is great for our hair)
Now before I start to ramble on and on let me get to the post of this post … I need to officially announce the END OF THE 2014 THS WINTER CHALLENGE!!! (Woohoo) and of course explain to you what is next in terms of the competition which is the exciting part right? lol… Many of you might remember from the first post about the challenge but if not here’s what we have to do…

1) Take a length check pic of your hair and all the focus areas that you were working on this winter
2) Post your final pics on the facebook page, send a fb message, twitter or Instagram or send them via email to me by 7th August 2014 with the hashtags #thswinterchallenge #finalpic
3) Wait for the results to be announced to see if you have WON one of the 3 prizes 😀

I’m excited ladies and I really hope you all manage to submit your pics and share your progress with each other through posts and comments on the blog and facebook page.
Oh and in case you may have forgotten here are the possible prizes up for grabs:
• Jamaican Black Castor Oil/ Strong Roots Pimento Oil
• Tropic Isle Deep Conditioner
• Free tHs hair consultation

**Now before I go I have big announcement about MY hair… as you all know I was doing a long term stretch/ transition and I was going to decide what I would do with my hair after a full one year stretch i.e whether to continue with my texlaxed journey or to start a full transition to natural …. Well decision made! I AM GOING NATURAL!!! I am excited and nervous all at once but looking forward to the journey. I will NOT be doing the big chop so I have a tough road ahead managing three textures on my head! I will also not transition only to relax again after 2 month lol. Wish me luck and look out for my posts and pics of my transitioning journey on the blog 😀



My go to protective and growing style-WIGS

Those that know me well would be shocked to hear me say I wear wigs and I wear wigs OFTEN …. Prior to my hair journey and also at the beginning of it, I always used to wear braids and weaves as my go to protective styles. However, after coming across various bloggers who use wigs to grow out their hair I decided to give it a shot. I have not looked back since! Now I’m in love with using wigs as my protective and growing style, here’s why:


Because I blog about hair care and growth the demand to “see my hair” is quite high… I tend to disappoint people quite a lot because my hair is always braided up. However with wig regimens I have the ability to wear my hair out every 3weeks when I have wash days. I usually keep my hair out for3-5days so I can please my followers and at the same time maintain low manipulation during stretches. There is also flexibility in hairstyles. I can be long haired one minute then short and curly the next. So it’s great for my ladies who get tired of the same hairstyle after 4 weeks of having it.


Wigs are the best of both worlds. I can have nice protection with my hair covered during the day and yet I can pay attention to the health of my hair 100% during my regimen because I have full access to it at whenever I need it. The one thing I did not enjoy about WEAVES is that as much as I can oil and moisturize and seal my hair, I always feel like it’s not effective enough. There are too many “hard to reach areas” that I can’t get to give to and I can never work on my ends and give them TLC. However with my wig regimen I can put my hair in box braids then moisturize and seal the length of my hair. I can also keep my scalp clean and even dry condition on those braids whenever I want.

Scalp Focus

When I am using wigs I can really focus on my scalp care and cleanliness. I put the box braids in securely with the tension that my scalp likes. There is never hair that will fall out because I pulled it too tight so this way I can always protect my hairline and nape from breakage. I can do deep massages on my scalp after oiling it and then do the greenhouse method over night which my hair loves!! I also tend to have a very sensitive scalp so I need to apply aloe vera and vitamin E to my scalp often. The box braids in my wig regimen give me full access to my scalp and any problem areas so I can treat them in time and clean my scalp often. 

3 tips when I use my wigs:

I never hook the band …. too much tension around my head and hairline. The friction will cause breakage and also just give me a headache

I use lace front wigs and secure the small combs as far back from my hairline as possible

I massage my hairline with coconut oil daily before I put on my wig to reduce breakage and itching along my hairline

BIG CHOP anyone??? – Hair Care for Protective Styles

BIG CHOP anyone??? - Hair Care for Protective Styles

Ladies,….. oh ladies… oh ladies…. if you’ve ever left a weave or braids in for so long that your hair gets damp and smelly PLEASE STAND UP!!!!

If this was my hair care forum (which I will be having soon) I know there would be a lot of you on your feet! Myself included – hides face in shame!! BUT this picture I hope is more than enough to make anyone stop dead in their tracks and make a U-turn in their hair habits.

The big chop must be optional… not because your hair has mould…YES MOULD!!! Gives me goose bumps just looking at it… probably because I know it’s such a possibility…

How did this happen ???

I would love to know… b the real and full story but from my hair experience, here’s what I think went on ….
1. This girl had a protective style of some sort- I’m thinking a weave?
2. There’s a whole lot of new growth so her weave was in for a WHILE… it says 6months but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more!
3. The dirt build up screams PETROLEUM… it does not penetrate the scalp and then builds up and gets gunky and wet after a while and basically glues your strands together… perfect breeding ground for mould.
4. She tried to wash her hair a number of times… as seen from the semi clean new growth. Noble cause but wrong implementation! especially when it came to drying out her hair. It was definitely damp for long periods of time.
5. Who ever undid her hair got the fright of their life and probably threw !!! Lol … just kidding… but let’s be real ladies… this is real live MOULD! Can you imagine the smell!!! Now I definitely believe the story of the woman who had a spider lay eggs and hatch in her hair 😮 … *shudder
6. This girl came to the hair dresser running!

This picture has gone viral and for very good reason! People must see what can happen if you don’t practice good hair practices…. Protective styles are meant to protect our hair and facilitate growth, not the opposite. However people do not take it seriously. Now it’s time to post specifically on SCALP AND HAIR CARE while using protective styles-lest this becomes you!

Food for thought ladies


Washday Feedback

Hi ladies,

As you know last Sunday was my wash day! I was very nervous given the last two but also determined to get things right this time. I had committed to doing everything correctly, made sure I had fun with it and tried a few new things…it turned out well! I think I’ve found my new washday regimen  😀 woohoo! I have numbered the pic so you know exactly what I was doing what I was using and what it all looked like …

Detangling- (pic1)

I detangled in sections using a wide tooth detangling comb. I did not wet my hair because it was already full of oil so it was not very dry. I worked slowly and gently. I did this a day or two prior to my wash day just to give my scalp time to rest. Then on Sunday I embarked on a day long wash day that was worth every minute.….

Pre-pooing (pic 2,3,4)

This is my new dream!!! Whatever I thought I was doing all this time was definitely not it because the results I has this time were amazing. Instead of pre-pooing for like 10mins I applied my mixture of oil to my hair and scalp using my applicator brush from root to tip. My oil is a mix of evoo, tea tree oil and strong roots pimento. I focused a lot of the oil on my scalp and new growth and let it sit for a few hours under my shower cap and plastic wrap that I secured using tape. Such behavior will usually limit your activity but I just threw on a head scarf and went about my day. Can I just say the results!!AMAZING!!! My growth was so so soft and the comb almost slipped right through my hair! :-O Not much pain either! I was in both shock and awe… now I know why people pre-poo and say it must be done overnight or for a few hours minimum…

Co-washing and deep condition (pic 5 and 6)

These were my next steps.  I washed and deep conditioned my hair in 4 large sections … not in braids this time as I usually do… I started out by rinsing out the oil with warm water. Not all of it of course, and then washed with my co-wash in order to retain a bit of moisture. I washed and detangled each section slowly ensuring that I did not get any knots. Then I applied my deep conditioner from root to tip and massaged it in to my scalp and new growth. I sat with my conditioner for about two hours with heat under my heating cap and without heat .

Tension method blow drying (pic 7 and 8)

 I tried something new and blow dried my hair using the “the tension method” I am a fan! This is when you don’t use a comb or brush when blow drying. Rather, you part your hair, detangle gently and then dry it by taking hold of your hair and stretching it while blowing warm air down along it to dry and helps a lot if you have a concentration nozzle. This method is great if done correctly and leaves hair super straight while using very little heat. Minimal combing means less breakage

Selfie time (pic 9)

This is now the time where you let yourself have fun, love your hair and flaunt it! Length checks are always a must and it’s nice to have a pic to remember how your hair was looking. Enjoy your hair and pat yourself on the back, I sure did 😀








Hairstyle of the Day- Wash Day Prep

Hairstyle of the Day- Wash Day Prep

Hi everyone,

It’s been 3 weeks of my wigging regimen so I took out little box braids that I wear during my regimen in preparation of my wash day. 😀

I’m a bit nervous given the trauma of my last wash days but I am confident because I am doing it myself this time. I have already detangled my hair. I did this yesterday using my wide tooth detangling comb and a little bit of my leave in detangler. My hair was feeling super soft. I’m actually going to pass my the grocery store after church to buy a small bottle of detangler that I will mix with some EVOO for my pre-wash detangling. Yes i will detangle AGAIN!! Lol. No shortcuts today….. Anyway more details to come on my washday feedback post …

In the meantime here’s my hairstyle of the day from yesterday… and i’ll be wearing it the same way today. different hair accessory though. My hair has quite a bit of shrinkage from the growth (I’m hoping and praying that’s all it is and not the breakage from last time :-s ) I AM LOVING THE VOLUME AND FULLNESS!!! Gets me excited every time… these are the moments I love texlaxing… I still have some Bone straight ends.. will be getting rid of them with time…For now I’m on a mission to look after my ends and get to MBL a.s.a.p… Every regimen I do will be on overdrive…..

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!

My New Favorite Picture

My New Favorite Picture

Hi everyone,

I came across this picture yesterday on instagram last night and fell in love…. It’s open to your interpretation…. What do you see and think it means???

Here’s what I see Split ends being cut of and leaving someone with healthy hair like I preach all day … lol … but then if I am going to take it a bit deeper I would say… A strong black woman who comes from the earth, with her roots firmly grounded. However she is now being empowered and rising up … her roots will always be grounded in where she came from but she is being liberated to be herself… maybe through education(looks like a pencil behind her ear)

I don’t know these are just my thoughts… but I LOVE this pic and would love to hear what everyone else thinks it means …. please share 😀