Hi Ladies,

Now I know I have some explaining to do after my last shocking post on facebook….but please do hear me out J lol. As you probably all know by now, I finished my transition with a nice premature BIG CHOP. (eeeek inside scream) Now it was premature on paper because I had committed to a 24 month transition, but quite honestly in my mind it felt like it was overdue. My hair was literally screaming to be cut off and I was more than happy to do so! Shocking right!

Now I will say, as always, that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to hair. Transitioning is always very personal in terms of the length and what you will experience as you go along, but the key focus during a transition is to maintain healthy hair as you make your way to natural.

Here are a few reasons why I knew it was time for me to big chop! I’m sure you will relate to at least one whether you are currently transitioning or have already walked this road. (For me it was my second time.)

Multiple textures overload

As you make your way through your transition you have to deal with multiple textures on one head, and the longer you stretch the more difficult it becomes. For my hair I had three textures to manage- natural hair, texlaxed hair and fully relaxed hair. Trust me it’s not easy, the more your natural hair grows out the more inclined you are to knots and this makes wash days unbearable. A LOT of time patience and extra care is needed during this stage.

Demarcation line drama

As your multiple textures become more apparent, the line of demarcation becomes weaker.(Click on hyper link to see respective blog) No amount of deep conditioning and protein treatments will stop the inevitable ‘break’ from happening, so the weaker your demarcation line becomes the sooner you should make your decision. You ‘could’ (if you are naughty) wait for the natural process to happen but that compromises health of your hair – so say no to the temptation of holding on to your length for too long.

My hair was “getting thin”

As you stretch your relaxers your hair begins to ‘thin out’ from the midshaft breakage occurring at the demarcation line. (as seen in pic) Then in other cases where you manage to control breakage, your relaxed ends will be visibly much thinner and weaker than the new growth in its full, thick, coily and kinky state. This often makes people freak out because the hair begins to look very unhealthy and there’s no flat iron around that can help its cause when trying to ‘blend’ textures. For my transition I had a case of both at the end!

transition hair

This sums up the hard side of my transition: -Multiple textures -Insane shrinkage -Thinning ends -Single strand knots and mid shaft breakage

There was enough growth

A big part of my long term transition was so that I could have hair long enough to style when it was all over. I love long hair, and I don’t think I am a good candidate for the TWA crew. I’ve seen my shrunken afro and its no bueno on my face so I definitely had to wait till I grew out some hair. I was happy with where I was and when my hair was stretched. It was a solid neck length. I would still like to grow out further though. The growth also allowed me to do some of the cool styles I have posted in my pics,as well as an awesome blow out! This was because of the extra volume and length. 🙂

And finally ……

When you know, YOU KNOW!

I can’t explain it, but you will definitely understand once you get to that point too. It’s that uncontrollable frustration plus inner voice that pushes you closer and closer to a pair of scissors every time you see one. For me it was mostly as a result of the combination of reasons above. I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was being coming so painful for me to manage my hair no matter how much conditioner I used, or how small my sections were. Also the length lover in me was ready to LET GO of my hair. Honestly once you have “that moment” there’s no stopping you. I just told Mai Saru that I wasn’t washing my hair until she cut it all off, and THAT WAS THAT! In a number of minutes my transition was over and I said hello to my new hair. (I may need some help coming up with a name for my fro as she grows out)



So that’s about it ladies …. Cheers to the beginning of a new natural hair journey! AGAIN. lol


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keep calm

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Who can be a feature?

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Why should I do it?

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When can I do it?

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6-8 Week Hairline Challenge Results #diditgrow????

YES IT DID!!! I can’t tell you how much relief I felt when I finally took off my weave and looked at the results of my hairline challenge. I could tell along the way that it was slowly filling out and I’m happy with the results thus far. I still have a long way to go because my hairline has not filled in completely and I need to strengthen the new hairs before applying tension to them again. Sooooo with that said, I will be repeating the hairline challenge for another 8 weeks starting this weekend 😀

Here’s a quick summary on what this was all about for those who missed the initial post on my damaged hairline and corrective regimen:

  • I put in twists for far too long and over manipulated them, the results was a verrrrryyyyyy damaged hairline!
  • I then put myself my tried and trusted 6-8 week hairline challenge using a weave with loose tracks and untouched hairline
  • I oiled and massaged my hairline every day for about 4 weeks then 3-5 times per week for the rest of the challenge
  • I used Strong roots pimento oil and then a JBCO & PPO mix on my hairline
  • I worked out like on average 3 times per week

Now for the results! Below is a pic of my Hairline before and after the hairline challenge. It was about 8 weeks long and ended last Friday when i took out my weave. to the left are before pics and to the right are after pics


Hope you are inspired ladies! I sure am …. Don’t let your hairlines break to the point of no return, because some damage is irreversible. Repair it now… and feel free to join me on the next challenge starting this weekend.



Random Hair Chat: Then you are reminded that its worth it ….

Hi ladies,

Happy Easter to you all! I have had an interesting last few months filled with moments where I wonder if all this hair talk actually has a positive impact on people. Whether or not people are reading, and whether what I talk about has any relevance to anyone?!!!???!!  It’s definitely a tough road with mixed views on hair, side eyes from people that call you hair obsessed, and non compliance from those that genuinely just have no interest! lol Funny enough it takes it’s toll…

However….fortunately for me, these last few days have been filled with some positive hairstories. I have had the opportunity of watching some of my clients progress in their hair journeys and rave about how happy they are with their hair since starting on their journey. I must say, nothing is more gratifying than watching the confidence that comes with healthy hair developing in those who once swore they would not or could not wear their hair down. Also, receiving a heartfelt thank you when I shared some hair advice that left a friend hopeful that her hair could improve. Then there’s the referalls that came from people I did not even realise followed my blog… What a great feeling and motivation to keep blogging 🙂

I’m motivated once again and looking forward to keep sharing on the blog with you all!  Thank you for reading and showing support always !!



Hair Line Update and Challenge

Hi Ladies …

So, as most of you know I was over the moon about my braids and all my styling fun,yes? But then I realised I may have over done it when I took out my braids the other day and my hairline was nowhere in sight !! Well it’s not completely gone, but it’s very damaged and I only have myself to blame because I know better.The moral of the story is I don’t have a very strong hairline and so in order for me to keep it I’m going to have to steer clear of the braids and tension on my hairline for a WHILE until it’s repaired.

Hairline Update

Now the good thing is I have an action plan to get my hairline back, and soon!  It’s worked before and I’m more than ready to do it again. Here’s what I do:

  • Put myself on a 6 week mini hairline challenge
  • Put in a weave, with loose but secure circular tracks (done by mai Saru ONLY)
  • Leave out my hairline when putting in tracks  so I have complete access to it and NO tension on it (this is key)
  • Part my weave in a way that covers my hair line so it’s protected and also warm beneath the weave for the duration of the challenge
  • Apply my jbco/ ppo mix and coconut oil to my hair line daily (strong roots pimento oil can substitute if you have it) the goal is to have growth and strengthening at the same time
  • Gently massage hairline in one direction after applying oil to speed up absorption
  • Take a supplement like biotin (optional)
  • Green house method at night—yes even with the weave. The key is to create heat around the scalp
  • Increase warm water intake
  • Exercise and work up a reaaaaal sweat 3x per week

There it is …my 6 week regimen to grow back my hairline! Feel free to join me over the next few weeks if you are in a similar boat as I am! I will be posting updates on twitter and Instagram page. Wish me luck!

PS: Don’t neglect the rest of your scalp during the regimen. Continue to oil and moisturise your hair as often as you usually do.



Wash Day Feed Back- Health Over Length

Hi ladies

As you know I am about 16months post and in full swing of my 24month transition. I have so much new growth and the tangles are getting more painful by the day! BUT I will continue because it’s definitely worth it. Anyway, so I had twists in my hair for a solid three months! I felt like I was in college again with that stretch haha! I must say though, I had a great time with my braids. I had really missed styling and having fun with them, so best believe I went all out then along came Monday …. :-l

I was feeling very lazy, and had no energy to do anything myself to my hair. Soooo I went to the salon to get my twists/braids taken out by my hairdresser.  When done she only partially detangled my hair because the pain was terrible! Way too much tugging and pulling for my scalp in one day….

After taking out my braids I was planning to rest my scalp for a full day and then do my washday on Wednesday, but I found out that Gloria would be off work, so I had to rush and do them the same day!! This meant a shorter wash day for me because I would be rushing and not have time to pre-poo and do multiple treatments. Something very different to my usual routine. 😦

Anyway, I had to get my hair detangled again pre wash which was a challenge. I always get bad knots when I have twists and this time around my hair was not moist and my scalp was aching; So Gloria had to come to the rescue and she applied some moisturising treatment to soften and partly detangle my hair. This really helped but it still hurt like crazy. After washing my hair (not in sections) and sitting under the steamer for 20mins we had to further detangle the hair in preparation for my blowout. 😥

Almost an hour later my hair was blow dried and flat ironed and looking good, but the thinning ends were terrible! I had noticed them from my last wash day and so I went in knowing I was due for a big TRIM. You can even see just how bad the relaxed ends looked when my hair was wet and in full shrinkage mode! Not a pleasant sight!


New growth vs relaxed ends! Can you see the striking difference in texture and fullness!!! The ends had to go! Also take not of the SHRINKAGE !!! This hair was around arm pit length pre cut but who would ever believe it withal this shrinkage!!!

I told Gloria to grab the shears and cut off 3 inches of the thinning relaxed hair. As a transition progresses it is inevitable that your ends will thin out and break off. So rather than waiting for that to happen, rather be proactive and cut them off. This guarantees straight blunt ends which are unlikely to split for some time if well moisturised. If you leave the hair to fall off on its own you run the risk off getting split ends. So even if you have to chant to yourself “HEALTH OVER LENGTH” to get it done, be sure to trim necessary. You will definitely know when the time has come! I could possibly be trimming again sooner than expected, because the way my ends are tangling together is insane and painfull!


My hair mid blow dry. I wont be doing this for the next couple of months as I do a no heat challenge. Also at this stage of my transition it just hurts my scalp too much 😦

The moral of the story is; I survived my washday so you will too! I chose health over length by trimming off 3inches of thinning relaxed hair, and now I am left with healthy transitioning hair, and that’s what counts the most in a healthy hair journey! I have also resolved to use no heat on my hair  for the remaining 8months of my transition (unless if I’m putting in a weave). I plan to go back to my wig regimen for a while as I grow out by budding afro and try to repair my hair line that seems to be taking a hit :-/

Here’s a summary of my hair from June 2014 to Jan 2015 !!


I hope to hear from you about your washdays to, so please do post comments! I always love to hear from you all. Happy hair growing ladies***.



tHs January Hair Feature – Tendai Karonga

Hello Ladies!

This is a special post for all my locked ladies out there so you don’t think I have neglected you! I personally have no experience with locks but what I do know is that the fundamentals of good hair care practices are across the board whether locked, natural or relaxed.

So, with that said, meet the beautiful Tendai, one of the only people in Zim that made me ever consider locks just from looking at hers! I hope you enjoy reading about her hair story as much as I did 🙂 she has lots of hair tips to share!


What is your name? Tendai Karonga

What is your Hair Type?  Natural Locks

When did you start your HHJ and what was your starting length?

Well I’ve always had natural hair. My mom wouldn’t let me relax my hair at all! So for about 2 years when I was a tween I relaxed my hair behind her back. When my hair started breaking, I ended my attempt at having straight hair! So apart from ages 12-14, I’ve always had natural hair.

Why did you start your hair journey in locks, did anyone influence you?

My lock journey started 5 years ago. But when Lauryn Hill debuted her locks, I was around 16 years old and it was lock love at first sight! Up until that point, locks were always for Rastas or had outright negative connotations. I had never seen a gorgeous, black female have their natural hair look so beautiful and universally appealing! I mean who knew locks could be styled, curled, or left to just hang down your back? So from then on I researched. How could I have ‘clean’ locks. How often do you wash them? How long would it take my hair to lock? Would it look EXACTLY like Lauryn Hill’s hair? Lol!

What is your current healthy hair regimen?

I like to go to the Salon once a month, where I do the full works: wash, condition, steam/treatment, re-twist, dry and style. I make sure the loctision applied conditioner all the way down to end of my locks. If my hair feels especially dry I’ll use leave-in-conditioner.

What are your hair goals for 2015?

To keep growing my hair, till I get to the desired length (which would be the middle of my back), and to avoid anymore colouring. I noticed that dye with ammonia/peroxide is especially harmful to natural hair. Though natural hair looks tough, it is very sensitive to harsh products. Be gentle and attentive, it will grow!


LOVE this pic! Looks like Tendai will be at MBL in no time! 🙂

What are your favorite/staple hair products?

SHEA BUTTER saves lives people!!! I also love most of the range from Organic Root Stimulator. Also any natural oils (carrot oil, olive oil etc…) I don’t like ‘greasy’ oils on my scalp but a light nourishing texture so that my pores don’t get clogged up-not a good look for locks I tell you!

What challenges have you faced on your HHJ?

It’s always a challenge finding a good loctision. People just think it’s about washing and re-twisting. Hair is hair!  You will find even though the person doing your hair has locks, they don’t even bother to go online and check out new hairstyles or techniques. I can’t believe I haven’t come across anyone who knows how to do sister-locks (beautiful micro-locks that twisted using a crocheting-like method, the hair doesn’t break!)! Actually, just finding someone who knows how to deal with all types of natural hair is frustrating. It needs to be cared for! I find a LOT of people at hair salons are very impatient with natural hair. It’s quite an ordeal. I remember from my days before locks. Or even that if you have locks, your hair is not really clean. Lolest!

The early days ...

The early days …

What do you wish you knew about locks in the past?

Um, nothing really. Lol, I did so much reading on it because I was determined not to have ‘ugly’ locks, and it was just plain fascinating to discover all the things we can do with our natural hair in whatever form it is in. There are so many textures on one head!

What do love and hate about your locks?

I know this sounds cheesy, but once I made the effort to see what works for my hair, I can say that I adore it. From red afros, to TWAs to twists, to cornrows, to every braid style imaginable I’ve been there and back. The locks I have now are just another phase in my hair journey. They are versatile and easy to maintain. I think I’ve recently come to accept that they won’t look like Lauryn Hill’s locks but they suit me just fine!

Do you have any advice for those considering locks?

Make friends with your natural hair. It’s not a punishment, it’s just another type of hair. Find out what works for you and which products your hair responds to. Don’t rely on others, even the hairdressers don’t know everything. Be patient. Depending on your hairtype your hair may lock after 3 months or 9.Stalk people with locks you like and ask them about their hair regiments. Google-A LOT. Nowadays, there are so many great Vlogs and blogs-like this one!

What motivates you on your hair journey?

I just want to look like me. I don’t want to look like somebody else and believe in my hair’s ability to grow. I want to have healthy, nourished hair that is happy to be on my head! It’s a love affair people!

What 3 hair care tips do you have for all the locked ladies?

1.) Steam treatment, steam treatment, steam treatment!

2.) Avoid thick products on your scalp, you don’t want build up on your roots, and make sure that conditioner is thoroughly washed out of your hair.

3.) When re-twisting after having your hair washed, make sure you use a gel or cream based product. Beeswax collects and stores dirt easily and should only be used in the very beginning, when hair isn’t fully locked.

BELIEVE! If you love your hair, it will will you TEN-FOLD

How do you handle the non-hair-believers?

I just flick my hair and smile!


She definitely has something to smile about! Tendai’s styled locks look amazing! Make your hair journey exciting and get to styling * but remember low tension always :-p

Hope you enjoyed the feature ladies and if you too, would like to be one of our monthly features email me at