New Year New Hair 2015

Happy New Year and New Hair Ladies!!!!!

happy new hairIt’s always exciting to start a new year with new hair resolutions, so for those of you who have committed to start a hair challenge or something of the sort I wish you all the best. Looking at my new hair resolutions from last year I can safely say I failed at those so I won’t do it again… lol

I will however let you know what helps me as I go along my hair journey, and I will promise to keep doing it. That’s fair right? lol. Look it’s nothing new and you have heard it many times before but some things just need to be reinforced. Who knows maybe you can try it out too and let me know how it works out.  Here we go:

  1. Protective styling with singles/braids

For the most part over the last two years, the singles I’m referring to have been calabre braids under my wig. I have stuck with my wig regimen that I adopted from a blogger called bushbaby for about 70% of my hair journey. However, half way through this year I reminded myself how much I loved braids and how I had transitioned for two years using braids the last time I went natural, and I decided to give them another go. I must say, I am super happy and I think I will be bouncing between braids and wigs this year. Having single braids makes it so much easier for me to oil my scalp and moisturise my hair and ends. It’s so easy and fast, and because of that I feel more inclined to do it, which helps a lot with my hair growth. Now that I am about to take out my braids I need to go ahead and purchase a good wig to take me through the next three months. I never do braids multiple times in a row, for the sake of my hair line.

*hair chat- I had a weave at some stage during this year and as much as I appreciate a good brazilian or whatever ian weave I must say my hair hated me during this time! I couldn’t oil or moisturise my scalp and vowed not to get one again for a long long time.

           2. Stretching my protective styles

Now by stretching I don’t mean 3weeks…. I’m talking about pushing 2-3 months. Yes some of you my gasp in disgust but it’s been working for me for years. My hair likes to be left alone to do its growing thing, so I give her what she wants! Food (Jbco) + water(daily moisturiser) + time (stretching). The less I manipulate my hair the more length I retain. Most of the time during my hair journey I stretching my relaxer and the key for me to managing the new growth is to leave it alone by tucking it away. And during the stretch I will be oiling and moisturising my hair so that helps with my hair growth


You may read that exercising helps hair growth and sometimes may not believe it, but I’ll tell you for me it works miracles. Nothing better than getting that blood pumping through my body and to my scalp as well as cleansing my body through a good sweat to help my hair grow! I do this with caution though because my scalp edges sweat a lot during my work outs and if my hair does not dry fully my scalp will flare up like crazy!!! Remember that scalp of mine that was terribly burned that one time … ? Well if I have too much sweat on the base of my scalp it becomes very very sensitive. It’s a terrible experience. I mean none stop uncontrollable itching  … I borderline scratch my scalp raw during my sleep and the only way to soothe it is with tea tree oil and then aloe vera juice. So the moral of the story is… you must cleanse your scalp after a work out either with cleansing wipes or wet towel or a good old wash to prevent sodium build up on your scalp and hair. (simply put)

    4.Minimal Heat

I have tried to use very little heat on my hair as I have progressed during my hair journey. I will admit I am still a sucker for a good blow out on my wash days (once every 2-3 months) but other than that I have managed to eliminate unnecessary heat like flat ironing. The blow out gets my hair straight enough so there is no need to traumatize it any further. I am at that stage where the sound of sizzling hair and the smell of it burning just gives me heebeejeebees! So I just can’t do it….(my hair has no complaints about that.) Heat is not alllll bad, but anything in excess is No Bueno! Getting a blow out actually makes my new growth and hair a lot more manageable and helps me to keep some length especially if I do a protein treatment before because I can avoid the process of ripping through knots.

So, there’s a little food for thought ladies on what works for me. Let’s keep up the good hair habits as we progress during the year! If you are doing well already and have a regimen that is working for you, then keep that up. If it aint broke don’t fix it :-p

Here’s to beautiful healthy hair in 2015  !!!




Washday Feedback :)

Seasons Greetings Ladies!!!

Ok, so here’s my late Washday Feedback  … Better late than never right? (I’m sure you are all getting tired of hearing that … but I really do apologize :-l  take me back please ? 🙂  ) Great!  I always like to share my washday experience with all of you especially now that they become more interesting during my transition. I hope this post can help someone else who is transitioning or stretching too because yikes it’s no easy process.

This washday in particular was very interesting.  It was three days long and here’s how it went:

3 day washday

Day 1:

I had a weave in for about two months and I went to the hairdresser to take it out. I have learnt in life that she who puts in my weave SHALL take it out. They know the intricacies of all their knots and knits and therefore it’s only right that they take it out, lest your hair gets butchered. :-l  Anyway I’m waffling now, back to washday talk….

After taking out a style I usually leave my scalp alone for a few hours because it’s very tender and hurts from all the manipulation. I started my detangling at night and I did this mostly with my fingers and a wide tooth comb. I then pre-poo’d overnight  using a mx of olive oil, coconut oil and a bit of jbco. I enjoy long prepoo’s because they get my hair a lot more soft and manageable when I start shampooing. I also pre-poo for long when I know I am going to do a protein treatment.

Day 2:

Ok so I continued my pre-poo throughout the following day because my schedule got hectic and I really did not have time to start my washing. I threw a wig on top of my hair and went about my day.

That evening I put my hair into 6 large braids and started washing. I changed the way I applied my shampoo this time around. I diluted my shampoo with aloe vera juice (don’t ask me why  lol) and some tea tree oil, to disinfect my scalp and soothe the itching. I applied the shampoo directly to my scalp using an applicator bottle and really focused on massaging the shampoo on my scalp before working it down the length of my hair.

After washing I rinsed out the shampoo using warm water   then applied my protein treatment for 30mins using heat and then my deep conditioner using heat for 45mins to 1 hour.  I stopped using heat but kept the dc in overnight.

Day 3:

I went for a rinse detangle and blow dry by Goddess where my hairdresser Gloria is. As usual she took her time with all my knots and tangles from washing and detangle my hair in sections using a tangle tamer brush ( I’m obsessed! Just got two of my own) after rinsing out the conditioner she did a blow out on my hair working in sections ofcourse, and turned my matt into a mane 😀 ps she is very gentle so even with my super tender scalp I get to sit back and relax when Gloria does my hair.

I didn’t not trim off anyof my ends this time around but once I take out my braids I will. I will probably take off an inch to even out my hair … eeeek the reality of going natural .

So that pretty much sums up my 3 day wash day ladies and before I end off here are 3 things key things to take away from this read:

Sections, sections, sections!!!

  • I have found that the further along I go in my transition the smaller sections I have to work with because my hair tangles like crazy, whether its wash day or just oiling my scalp; and there’s nothing worse than trying to comb those knots out.
  • When I wash in sections I don’t take the braids out until I am done with all my treatments. I used to, but I found that I lose wayyyy too much hair when I do. Instead I just save my time and energy  to deal with detangling right at the very end. (of which I usually chicken out and go to Gloria to deal with my mop of hair) lol

There I am shampooing and blow drying in sections 😀 Even if you are not transitioning sections are your friend.just figure out what sizes work for you ….




While I have been away …

I did not forget about you and and I did not forget about my hair 🙂 Life just got a bit crazy with work, school and exams but I still made time to write some articles for all of my favorite ladies ❤

Here is the link to an awesome new local magazine that I am writing for. There are three fun posts that you can read and I hope you will enjoy them…

As for me, I am in braids now and having fun with styling them, it’s been a while since I have had them so going a little crazy with all these styling ideas I have in my head… here’s one of my up do’s that I have done. I try make styling as quick and simple as possible, give in a try and you will be surprised what you will come up with!


I will be posting a wash day feedback from my last 3 day wash day next. Until then, click the link and enjoy reading tellingHAIRstory in Induna Magazine #partneringlocal



It’s more than HAIR…

It’s about diversity, it’s about acceptance of ones being, it’s about confidence, it’s about discipline, it’s about culture change, it’s about creating employment ….

There’s so much more to tellingHAIRstory than you know ladies, and I can’t wait for it all to unfold … I’m just one woman who loves hair and has a vision to make it so much more than just growing long hair. I can’t tell you everything, but I would like you to experience it ALL as we go along the healthy hair journeys together….

I’m feeling motivated and excited today so watch this space ! 👊💥💪 I also appreciate each and every one of you! Keep reading and let’s grow together 😃#healthyhairrisforusALL #motivationalmonday

What is inspiring you today? ?

“Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great; some achieve greatness; and some have greatness thrust upon them” -Shakespeare



Today I will talk about something I should have spoken on a long time ago! Do you ever have those moments with your hair where you just don’t understand what on earth is going on??? You can swear on anything that you moisturize and seal daily and you deep condition on a regular but somehow you hair always seems dry :-l gasp (oh the frustration!)

Well if you know what I’m talking about please scream yes! Just kidding but I know if there wasn’t a room full of people I would love to because that’s how frustrating it is. Now what is this animal that is terrorizing us! Its name is POROSITY!!!! Sounds so technical doesn’t it? And the last time you heard that word was probably in geography class. So what is it and how does it apply to hair??

Basically it’s refers to the penetration of moisture into our shaft through the cuticle layer. When cuticle layer comes in contact with liquids the cutilcles slightly open to absorb it. How much they do so then determines porosity levels of the hair. Please read my post on hair structure if you have no idea what I am talking about. Lol. You can have low, normal or high porosity hair. Low porosity hair has very compact flat lying cuticles where as high porosity hair has open and raised cuticles. Normal porosity hair is right in between and it’s the one we would all love to have!

Ok, so now to give you a bit of a visual let’s imagine a sieve since we are ladies and know our way around the kitchen right…

Low porosity: Tight sieve will not let things penetrate it. Rather stuff just sits on top. So moisture will be repelled by the cuticle layer and very little moisture will penetrate the hair shaft. It is hard to moisturise the hair and it often is very dry no matter how much you try to moisturise it. The best approach would be to moisturise and seal when hair is slightly wet. If you think of relaxer days or dyes, those with low porosity hair will need more time to process their hair.

Normal porosity: Moderately tight sieve will let some things go through slowly, but not everything, some particles left over. Cuticles are moderately raised. Enough to allow the penetration of moisture, but not too much. Some is absorbed and the rest is repelled. This is the optimal hair to have.

High porosity: A loose sieve with large holes will let things in and out just as fast. Very little to no residue left on the sieve depending on the particle size. Moisture will be absorbed and escape the cuticle layer at an almost equal rate which gives the impression that nothing was even done to the hair. Lol you can moisturise your hair one day and it looks dry the next. People with this type of porosity need to use heavier oils to seal in moisture in the hair.

NOW….Can you identify what type of hair you have???? If you are not quite sure there’s a simple test you can do:
1) Take a few strands of hair from your brush or gently pull out a strand or two of hair
2) Place it in a bowl of water and let it sit for a few minutes
3) Watch it to see if it sinks to the bottom or not

If it floats you have low porosity hair and if it sinks you have high porosity hair!! Haven’t done this test in a while but I think mine didn’t sink? Any way give it a try and lets see how it goes 🙂

porosity test
Remember hair porosity is genetic so there’s nothing we can do the structure of our hair to change it. We just adopt methods that help us manage what we have. HOWEVER….. we can make our hair porous by damaging the cuticle layer. This is done through over processing of hair as the structure is gradually weakened over time. Relaxed and dyed hair therefore is a lot more prone to moisture loss and therefore breakage. You will need to give your hair a lot more TLC to keep it healthy.
Now I know this is a lot to take in so I will stop here…. But I hope you have had an “ah ha” moment and some things about your hair now make sense  Next post will focus on how to take care of our porous hair…Until then …

Late Feedback Friday

so this is my Feedback Friday Post that I could not post yesterday because my wifi was down – sigh… but better late than never right???

“Today my blog is me venting …I’m calling it “Frustrated Friday” lol …yes I’m being dramatic but as a woman it’s allowed right? Anyway …. so I may or may not have mentioned to you that I currently have a weave in after so so long! And let’s just say I am not enjoying it as much as I used to 😦
Not that’s there is anything wrong with weaves but I have become so accustomed to my wig regimen that certain things are really getting to me. (Grrr) So here is what I am struggling with:

Limited Access to my scalp-
With my wig regimen that I use 80% of the time, I can oil my scalp and moisturize & seal my hair as much as I like AND If I overdo it one week I even have the freedom to give my hair a wash … not any more… Getting this weave has reminded me just how little access I get to my scalp and hair during the time I have it on. Once the weave gets sewn on across the tracks l’m left with little squares of space to try and fit my fingers in to oil my scalp and it’s driving me nuts! My scalp is dry and itchy (sobs).

Then there’s this whole thing of greasy hair … when my white friends used to say it I never used to understand … I would be like what are they talking about their hair looks fine .. but once you enter the world of weaves and wigs it suddenly makes sense. Whether it’s Brazilian, Peruvian, Russian, Lithuanin, Norwegian, Chilean hair … lol! just kidding- bet some of you were getting excited about new types of human hair! So basically unlike a wig where I can remove and wash it often, with weaves I struggle to keep it clean. I can’t oil my scalp as much as I would like, lest my hair gets greasy and I am stuck with a mop of greasy hair on my head.  (I am actually there right now so if you see me in a slicked back bun you know why. lol… ) Typically I don’t like to wash my hair when in protective styles because it mattes badly, and so, I have to suffer in silence while I have the weave.

Now remember I said I was being dramatic in all this right? lol It’s really not that bad but what you need to take from this is :
1) When you are on a regimen and picking your protective styles you must chose hairstyles that you will actually enjoy. if not you will be miserable and end up taking it out too soon which means over manipulation of hair and that’s a big no no.
2) Pick hairstyles that do not compromise your hair progress by affecting your regimen – your hair must thrive when in a PS not get damaged. So if you are struggling to reach your scalp to oil it you may want to reconsider your PS choice next time.

Now that I have finished complaining I’ve decided to wash my weave this weekend to get the grease out and have styling options again, and then keep the weave in for two more weeks. I hate taking out hair too early, so I will deal with the matted growth when I get to that hurdle 🙂

oh and here’s a pic… I’m not enjoying my scalp under my weave but the hair its self is great see:


Transitioning Series: How and When?!!?

Hi Ladies

Let’s talk a bit about transitioning.Put quite simply transitioning is the process of cutting out the use of relaxer with the intention of not relaxing…EVER… and growing out your natural hair.
I have said this before, don’t think for a second that this is easy.. I have been here before and let me tell you it’s no joke!! But it CAN AND WILL be done, you just need to figure out a few things along the way. I’ll start with these two. Know HOW AND WHEN.
demarcation line

How ?
There are different ways to transition and the choice is yours- the key however is to keep your hair as healthy as possible and to minimize breakage even though it’s bound to happen.
You can long term transition over an extended period of time by stopping the use of relaxers and gradually cutting off processed hair, or you can dive right in and big chop by cutting it all off (the relaxed hair that is) to start growing your natural hair.
If you choose to long term transition protective styles are of utmost importance. Even low manipulation styles can be used on moderation.

When you are READY … mentally, knowledge, and product wise. Don’t make the mistake of tricking yourself into thinking you are ready when you have not fully done your research on transitioning, you will be wasting your time and effort and you actually end up damaging your hair so DO YOUR HOMEWORK please….
The best way to get info is to read blogs, watch videos and to talk to fellow natural haired ladies about their hair journey and transition. You in turn will also need to share your hair journey as a way of progressing. You will come to realize just how fun it is to talk about hair :-p and it’s great to know you are also helping others along the way.

When you have your staples products. The same way athlete prepare for game day you need to prepare for your transition. You can’t start your transition or any hair journey for that matter without your staple products. What are they??
• A natural oil for your scalp ie JBCO,
• Shampoo – sulphate free*
• Deep conditioner
• Protein treatment
• Daily moisturiser (water based)
Now it might sound like a lot but there’s a reason why you need all of them and if you read the blog you will see the posts that explain why.

So food for thought for all my ladies that are on the fence…. Think long and hard on what you want to do. Regardless all types of hair can be healthy and the awesome thing is there is never a “WRONG” choice when it comes to hair 